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The Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club was established in 1963 and is the oldest on-going AKC dog club in Baton Rouge.  We promote responsible pet ownership through all of the working disciplines offered by AKC.  While obedience is the core of all other activities, we offer training and titling for all AKC events that you can do with your dog.   AKC now offers titles to all dogs, even those who aren't registered pure breeds!  This means that the sky is the limit for you and your best friend to go have fun, learn and meet new friends, two-, and four-legged.

The club members are all active volunteers who also participate in numerous community activities and service projects.  The club offers classes year-round and all dogs are welcome.  In addition, the club hosts AKC trials, matches, and seminars on a regular basis.


1963 - The Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club, Inc. (LCCOC) was established on October 28, 1963.  The earliest obedience training sessions were held Sunday afternoons in City Park.

1964 - Classes were moved to the parking lot of the old Sears building on Florida Blvd. and were held on Thursday evenings.  At that time, beginner's classes were 12-week sessions followed by a graduation ceremony.

1973 - The first puppy obedience training was offered this year.

1976 - Class sessions were shortened to 10 weeks.

1984 - Training classes were shortened to 8 weeks because it was found that too many people could not commit to the 10-week program.  On November 20, 1984, after presenting the necessary information to the IRS, LCCOC was officially declared a non-profit organization.

1999 - Due to the rising popularity of the competitive sport of canine agility, LCCOC began looking at establishing an AKC Agility program.  Some equipment was donated and a suitable practice field was located behind Don's Seafood and Steak House on Airline Highway. This branch of the LCCOC was dubbed "Red Stick Agility" and the first class was held in the fall of 1999.  This fully-fenced agility field remains in its original location.

2000 - Red Stick Agility held its first Agility fun match on December 10, 2000.

2001 - The first AKC-sanctioned match took place.

2002 - The first AKC-sanctioned Agility trial took place in February.

2013 - LCCOC celebrates 50 years!


The LCCOC is involved in many activities that serve to bring dogs and people closer together, these activities include pet therapy, public demonstrations, scholarships for adopted dog, financial donations to pet rescue organizations, hosting AKC events, and much, much more. Please visit our Community Activities page for further information.


The LCCOC is run entirely by its volunteer members and a board of these same members. The board consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and several at-large members. Board members are elected annually. The club meets to conduct its business once a month (on the 4th Tuesday of each month) typically at the Goodwood Location of the Public Library at 7:15 p.m. (subject to change based on the availability of meeting space). Meeting location can be confirmed by contacting LCCOC via email or the Facebook page.p.m. Members who contribute at least 25 hours per year of volunteer service to the club's activities are eligible for reduced fees for certain classes. Dues are paid annually. Visitors become eligible for membership, by invitation only, after submitting an application.  In addition, potential members must obtain 2 member sponsors after taking a class in either obedience or agility.  They must also attend 3 meetings within a 6-month period. Membership is not required to take our classes. LCCOC welcomes all dogs and dog lovers for training. For more information on membership, please contact us at membership@lccoc.org

Please click here to view the LCCOC Constitution.

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